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A Frame Signs

Good-Looking, Tough, Hard-Working Sidewalk Signs

I offer many different signs on my website.Some of the more popular are the Swinger family of portable sidewalk signs.I also carry the plasticade & signicade signs.(The folding sidewalk sign with track and changeable letters is the most popular from this family.)

A few reasons the sidewalk, specifically Swinger, signs sell so well:

  1. Great Value:For less than $0.50 per day, a sidewalk sign can pay for itself.So, even if the sidewalk sign costs $180, your sign still costs very little per day.An advertisement placed in any magazine or newspaper is far more than that on a daily basis.
  2. Change Regularly:A sidewalk sign allow quick changing to meet customer demands.The only deadline an owner of a sidewalk sign needs to meet is changing the sign before the customer arrives.Newspaper and magazines do not give the same “message flexibility” as a sidewalk sign.
  3. Double-Sided Sign means two message signs in 1:The sidewalk sign comes with lots of letters, and the deluxe swinger sign comes with extra big headers.So, if you are on a well-traveled location with lots of sidewalk traffic, you can very inexpensively experiment with messages to see what brings you the best traffic!
  4. Nothing works harder than a sidewalk sign:Whether it is raining, snowing, or a bright sunny day, your sidewalk sign is working for you.Your message can be changed to reflect items your shoppers are looking for based on weather conditions.
  5. When your customers see, they buy:In today’s culture, time is very important.Not many of your customers are the type to find your newspaper or magazine ad and then track you down.More commonly, a customer will stop because they see your signage.Don’t neglect communicating to your customer as they go past your location.
  6. Stores safely inside at night:A bigger sign will allow you to share your message and be read from farther away.But, if you have a bigger sign, you won’t be able to bring it in at night.When brought in at night, a sidewalk sign is not an overnight temptation for mischief doers.If not stolen, the sign and changeable letters will last longer.