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A-Frame Signs

A few reasons the sidewalk signs sell so well:

  1. Great Value: For less than $0.50 per day, a sidewalk sign can pay for itself. So, even if the sidewalk sign costs $150, your sign still costs very little per day. An advertisement placed in any magazine or newspaper is far more than that on a daily basis.

  2. Change Regularly: A sidewalk sign allow quick changing to meet customer demands.  Newspaper and magazines do not give the same “message flexibility” as a sidewalk sign.

  3. Double-Sided Sign means two message signs in 1: Each sidewalk sign comes with plenty for both sides of the sign.

  4. Nothing works harder than a sidewalk sign: Whether it is raining, snowing, or a bright sunny day, your sidewalk sign is working for you.

  5. When your customers see, they buy: In today’s culture, time is very important. Not many of your customers are the type to find your newspaper or magazine ad and then track you down.

  6. Stores safely inside at night: A bigger sign will allow you to share your message and be read from farther away. But, if you have a bigger sign, you won’t be able to bring it in at night. When brought in at night, a sidewalk sign is not an overnight temptation for mischief doers.

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