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Free Cellular On Your Solar Sign


Now Message Boards from Solar Technology come with built-in remote communications: GPS, modem and FREE cellular service… for the life of the board!

How does this help you?

Think of the time you’ll save by not having to search for a “misplaced” board. Now you can see the exact location on a map.

Still sending someone to the board to change messages? No longer… Now you can see, change and schedule messages from your desk or smartphone.

Going onsite to update boards? No longer necessary – Command Center software updates are automatically sent through the remote connection.

Now let’s talk money… you’ll save the cost of a monthly cellular service bill for each message board in your fleet. Our remote communications are built-in – at NO additional cost. Save now, and save later. Win-win!

Enjoy the convenience and savings of a Better Board. Questions? Visit SignsSeen and contact them with questions. We will make sure we configure a sign specific for your needs!!

Reflective Vinyl

Is is pretty obvious where we have used the reflective vinyl?  If not, go to your eye doctor.  If you think your sign could be seen better using reflective vinyl, contact us for pricing and further ideas!

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Custom Spell Brite LED Signs A Great Choice For Your Business

The SpellBrite continues to be a great option to NEON signs.  Are you selling pizza or clothing?  Do you offer "Free Wi-Fi" with at your coffee shop?  You need to let your customers know what makes you business unique.  They need to know why they should visit your store/shop/location.Consider trying a SpellBrite custom LED sign!!  Call [...]

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Merle Norman Gets New Sign

Just got our sign up for Merle Norman. We appreciate having them as a customer!One challenge I continue to face is juggling the needs of customers who are wanting the same sign at the same time. Merle Norman wanted their sign a week earlier, but I didn’t have a sign location at the [...]

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Windows 8 USB Adapter

My daughter has a school project where they are adding a couple of scrolling LED signs to a couple of the common areas. (It is a private school in north Fort Worth. There is one sign for the cafeteria and one for the area where the teenagers “hangout”.) As we anticipated this project, [...]

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PHO Little Saigon Has New Rental Sign

I don't post all of the rental signs, but they are still going out!  This sign gives the customer a much brighter sign than what they had before.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, we would be happy to talk to you about renting a sign.  But, if you are anywhere else, we [...]

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Second Rental Sign Out

The second sign is up!! The custom header takes a little extra time to create, but it is certain to draw the eye and bring in the customers!We also have been including our contact info on the crossbars. It is critical to have the correct area code on your signs!! I will [...]

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Reflective Vinyl Coming For Our Rental Signs

As we are getting our signs out there to our rental customers, we want to do everything we can to give them options that will make their sign the hardest working employee they don’t have to pay commissions!As part of this plan, once we can secure a supplier for reflective vinyl, we will offer a [...]

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First Sign Rental Up In Fort Worth

The sign is up, and we will have 3 more up as soon as they are built. Things are starting nicely so far.The other local sign rental companies are using old, faded letters. We want to have bright letters and do some eye-catching things on our signs. We may only rent signs in [...]

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Funny Signs

They are not all appropriate, but they are funny.  We can't guarantee all are available on the SignsSeen site, but they may give you a few ideas!Funny Sign site

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