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10 Design Tips For Outdoor Signs

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10 Design Tips For Outdoor Signs

An outdoor sign is important to any type of business. When it comes to the design of your sign there are a few design
tips you should keep in mind in order for your sign to be as effective as possible. Here are the top 10 design Tips for
effective signage:

1. Make sure your sign is visible and legible.
It is very important that the majority of people passing by your business are able to see and read your sign with ease.
People are driving past your business 24 hours a day. Make sure you are getting your message across to them clearly.

2. Grab the Readers attention.
Your sign should command the attention of people passing by. There should be something about your sign that makes
people literally take a double take. Use large dominating text and pictorial graphics.

3. Keep things simple.
Do not crowd your sign with too many words. This can make your sign very hard to read from a distance. Use as few
words as possible. This is critical in order for your sign to be effective.

4. Use Technologies.
Add the time and temperature to your display. You can also use an Electronic Variable Message Center. The addition of
a Time and Temperature display or an Electronic Variable Message Center can make your business a landmark in your
community. Using an electronic message center will give you the ability to change the message on your sign whenever you please.

5. Appeal to impulse buyers.
Did you know that at least 55% of all retail sales are because of impulse buyers? Too many business owners make the
mistake of thinking that a sign is just a way to identify their business.

6. Keep the sign in plain sight.
Put the sign as close to the street as the law allows. You want to make sure everyone passing by sees what you have to offer.

7. Avoid obstructions.
It is very important that you make sure your sign can be viewed without obstruction from any source. Get in your car and
drive past your business from every angle possible. This will help you determine how visible your sign is or isn’t.

8. Make your sign memorable.
The message on your sign should be easy to remember. Use pictures, slogans and anything that will make potential customers
remember your products and location.

9. Avoid clutter.
At least 30% of the sign’s face area should be left as white space. You don’t want to add too much to your sign. Clutter will
make your message very hard to read. There must be a balance between white space and graphics and text.

10. Make it enticing.
Your sign should intrigue your potential customer so much that they can’t help but stop and see what you have to offer. Be
creative. Your sign is often times considered your first impression.

Make sure you keep the 10 steps above in mind when considering what message to put on your sign. You want to make
sure your sign is very effective in getting your message across.