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Changeable Copy Letter Guide

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Your sign must be readable to be effective! As the letter size on a sign increases, the distance that message can be read also increases. This gives a passer-by more time to read your sign.

The industry recommended minimum reading time for a sign message is 5 seconds.

The chart above will give you a starting point for letter size, based on the speed limit of the nearest road. Traffic lights, stop signs, and other conditions may justify smaller character heights. Others such as visual obstructions, competing signage, and distance from the road may require larger character heights.

We have compiled this changeable letter guide to help you determine what letter size to use and then see an example under normal conditions. If you are undecided between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger of the two. We can also advise you if special conditions or regulations exist.

Please call us with any questions, or visit Gemini's website.  We can provide you any of the products available on their website.