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Finding The Green Signs....

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To try and differentiate ourselves and to attempt to better inform our customers of the green sign products we provide, we are now placing the low wattage more energy efficient products in an easy to find category.


Green signs continue to be very popular.

What is a green sign?

There may be a little bit of disagreement, but this is how we define a green sign:

  1. Any sign that uses less power than its similar-looking cousin because it has been reengineered to use less power and is a low-wattage product.
  2. A product that is completely "off the grid". These would be our solar sign products. So, unfortunately, these are only outdoor products. In many cases, they can also be used with standard power. But, it is when they are solar powered that they wear their green hat!
  3. Any of the changeable products we have avaiable. This could be a sidewalk sign or a changeable banner. A product that is printed on (i.e. a banner that is printed with only one message and is not changeable) or a product that involves the disposal of the sign material once the signs message is no longer needed. This would be a "green sign" with an asterick.

Despite the benefits of any of the changeable signs out there with the exception of our velcro changeable banners, we will limit our "green signs" to the signs with a solar option and lower watt signs with a higher wattage sign cousin.