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Graphic Guidelines for Logos on A-Frame Signs

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We will do most of the work for your print project at no charge.
However, we need input from you, such as logo's, graphics & wording.
The following is a guide to make the process smoother, resulting in
higher quality results.


Jpeg - High Resolution or 100 DPI @ actual output size
Tiff - High Resolution or 100 DPI @ actual output size
EPS - Encapsulated Post Script
CDR - Corel Draw
AI - Adobe Illustrator
PDF - Adobe PDF
PSD - Adobe Photoshop

For the best quality & quickest turn around, please follow these file
preparation tips:

PROPORTION - Scale design to proper output size.
FONTS - Avoid sending us "vector" fonts from Corel or Illustrator,
convert the fonts to curves(Corel) or outline the fonts(Illustrator).
This changes the script from a font to actual artwork. There are 1,000's
of fonts, plus variations. If our software does not have the exact
font, it will substitute and can change the look of the layout dramatically.

FULL BLEED - Add 1/4" to full output size.

PLEASE - No small gif, tiff or jpeg's copied from web pages.
They won't work!

PLEASE - Other than for relaying ideas, NO Microsoft Word or Publisher.
They are not graphics software and won't work for you final artwork.