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Is a solar powered sign my best option?

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I have been receiving many call lately regarding solar powered signs. With high gas prices and the emphasis on "green", solar powered signs are seen as a great alternative. And, I can easily understand why, but here are a few facts on solar powered signs:

  1. Because of the price of solar panels, solar powered signs are still an expensive option.
  2. If you live in the northwest and the midwest of the US, the greater number of cloudy days makes solar powered energy more expensive. Meaning, larger solar panels are necessary, and larger battery banks are necessary to make sure the sign will have ample power during cloudy days. (or cloudy weeks)
  3. If you to buy a set of Agile Display solar panels and batteries, do NOT plan on trying to install them on your existing outdoor LED sign. It is not that easy, and it will likely lead to frustration.
  4. Agile Display LED sign panels use approximately 15% of the electricity of comparable outdoor LED sign panels. If an existing outdoor scrolling sign uses $400 of electricity per month, the Agile Display LED sign would cost approximately $75. It is this efficiency that allows the Agile Display's LED outdoor signs to work with the Agile Display's solar panels. Since other outdoor LED signs use much more power, the solar panels & batteries from Agile Displays would not be able to power them for very long.

Conclusion: Solar powered signs are GREAT to have, but if standard electricity is available, it is really the most cost effective option to power your sign. If you still want a solar powered sign,SignsSeen provides a full line of products from Agile Displays. Trailer mount, permanent mount, & monument style signs are all available.