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Free Cellular On Your Solar Sign


Now Message Boards from Solar Technology come with built-in remote communications: GPS, modem and FREE cellular service… for the life of the board!

How does this help you?

Think of the time you’ll save by not having to search for a “misplaced” board. Now you can see the exact location on a map.

Still sending someone to the board to change messages? No longer… Now you can see, change and schedule messages from your desk or smartphone.

Going onsite to update boards? No longer necessary – Command Center software updates are automatically sent through the remote connection.

Now let’s talk money… you’ll save the cost of a monthly cellular service bill for each message board in your fleet. Our remote communications are built-in – at NO additional cost. Save now, and save later. Win-win!

Enjoy the convenience and savings of a Better Board. Questions? Visit SignsSeen and contact them with questions. We will make sure we configure a sign specific for your needs!!