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What does it cost to make an A-Frame sign?

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Recently, I started carrying a variety of products so people can make their own signs. Since I have received the question a few times, here is an answer for all:

The boards

Use ½” thick MDF (wood fibre board). Home Depot sell these for about $18 per 4x8 sheet which will make 3 - 24” x 32” high A-Frame signs. This is the most common size for street sign and will cost only $6.00 for both boards. A 4x8 will make 5 complete 19” x 24” real estateA-Frame , for only $3.60 each .

Ideal board material for A-Frame signs can be ½ inch think Crezon, MDF or Intercel board

Painting the Boards

Oil based paint or exterior latex on Fibre board will seals the board and edges perfectly. The cost of paint may cost under a dollar to do both 24” x 32” boards

The Hinge Handle

These hinge handles are the ideal hardware to make professional A-Frame signs of any size.

Three hinge handles sizes are available depending on the size of AFrame you are making. Depending on the size chosen, the sign hinges kits range in price from $11 - $15..

Sign Feet

Sign Feet are necessary to keep the board clean and dry and off the ground, concrete or grass.

Sign feet “ADD” an important feature to protect the bottom of the boards from ground moisture and dirt.

Attaching the Hinge to the Board

Not much expense here, but to be completely provide costs, this must be included. It is probably $1-2 depending what is used. In a future post, I will go into more detail on "tee-nuts".

Cost - including the two boards, hinge handle, tee-nuts and sign feet but not labor.

19” wide x 24” high = $17.50
24” wide x 32” high = $21.50
32” wide x 48” high = $30.00