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Indoor LED Tile System

We are a known led sign distributer of the patented LED Versatile. With it, you only have to purchase the number of individual tiles you need to build your electronic led display signs. Unlike typical LED or neon signs, there are unlimited ways you can arrange the LED Versatile ™ to create a variety of signs.

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Designed to be displayed indoors or outdoors
  • A low cost sign system that allows business owners, schools, churches and cities the flexibility to design displays that fit their specific needs
  • Use them for moving signs, neon sign replacement, outdoor or indoor advertisement, gas station pricing, billboards, architectural lighting and general information
  • Nightclub light shows/advertisement, in sport bars, malls and restaurants. The imagination is the limit of how you can configure the LED Versatile™
  • The LED Versatile™ is programmable using a full size IBM™ type wireless keyboard. There is no need to program the tiles from a personal computer or installing software. Just power them up and start typing.
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